Mar 082006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

While some people may feel that the article that ran in the Feb. 7 edition of the Collegian about the man found in Morgan Library with a needle sticking out of his arm was sensationalized, the seriousness of this event is now coming to light.

Fort Collins resident Chris Rosenblath, 37, now faces up to 12 years in prison if he is charged with possession of more than one gram of heroin, which is a class 3 felony.

An officer from the CSU Police Department drew a gun on Rosenblath, who told police he was a heroin addict when he was found taking the drug in a library bathroom.

Prosecutors offered Rosenblath a plea bargain; however, his attorney, Norman Townsend, said it is based upon the premise that Rosenblath had more than a gram of heroin. Rosenblath claims he was in possession of less than a gram of the drug, which is a class 4 felony and carries a sentence of up to six years instead of 12 years in prison.

While some readers believe the story may have been hyped, Rosenblath is facing the very sobering reality that he may be sent to prison, if convicted, for more than a decade.

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