Mar 072006

I found it rather ironic that on the second day of Women's History Month the Collegian put on its front page articles about college football, Pete Coors, President Bush and an article I hoped held some promise for those of us who look forward to reading about Women's History Month news or events. Instead this article was titled "Students give up blood, sweat and more for cash." Unfortunately when I read the article, it didn't even mention female students, it was all about male students, in particular about Aaron Rice. Nothing against Mr. Rice but obtaining a female interviewee, or mentioning some jobs that women on campus are doing would have been nice. The only jobs mentioned in the article that women could possibly do were donating blood or landscaping. Further still, the landscaping jobs in the article were done by male students. The rest of this male-dominated article was about donating sperm, something women obviously cannot do. Please Collegian, don't let Women's History Month slide by the wayside.

Laura Light


cultural anthropology/pre-law

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