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Mar 072006

The best part about having an opinion column, as I'm sure Tim Waddingham is well aware of, is that the writer does not have to do any actual research on what he or she puts in the column. Because of that, Mr. Waddingham's Wednesday column about marriage implies some things that just aren't true.

First of all, he implies that people who support traditional marriage also support pedophilia and spousal abuse. As a person who supports traditional marriage, I can assert that this is utterly ridiculous and not based on fact. To imply that people would support a pedophilic relationship simply because the people in that relationship are male and female is sick. And no rational person would ever support spousal abuse. Also, it is the people who support traditional marriage that are providing premarital counseling resources so that couples will hopefully not divorce.

The only reason you hear people talk about gay marriage and not these other issues is because gay marriage is a very political issue right now. You can bet that if there was a proposed law to allow pedophiles to marry their victims or to let men beat their wives, the supporters of traditional marriage would be among the most vocal opponents of it.

By the way, according to a recent CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, 68 percent of the respondents said they did not support gay marriage. Therefore, legalized gay marriage would be homosexuals imposing their personal beliefs on the majority of Americans, which is something Tim Waddingham says no one has the right to do.

Kaylee Earll


human development and family studies

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