Ram Talk

Mar 072006

If you aren't supposed to match your eyeliner to your shirt, what ARE you supposed to match it to?

Did anyone else ever notice that if you rearrange the letters that spell GO RAMS it also spells ORGASM? That's funny to me.

We truly do have only one defense against the Bears. Even our beloved Chuck Norris can't help us because he is powerless against his own kind. It is no surprise his weakness also happens to be garbage. So litter, so we leave the world a better place for the children, or just not to die.

Did everyone know the F.B.I. was doing an investigation in the library, monitoring students who were possibly visiting terrorist Web sites. They were undercover usually dressed as heroin addicts and masturbators.

To those of you that begin your Ramtalk with, "To the guy/girl that…" Grow a pair and say it to their face. Quit hiding behind Ramtalk in hopes that that person reads your complaint. Oh yeah and Chuck Norris sucks!

In response to seat-saving, some students have classes on the other end of campus disabling many possibilities of receiving a decent seat (and may have possible vision problems). Fortunately, for some students, friends are able to arrive at a timely manner to ensure a seat be saved. I can assure you that almost anyone presented with this opportunity would gladly accept.

To the junior triple major male: junior single major female…will work for jellybeans. (If you can find me on Facebook, I might work for free!)

So has anyone been in the basement of the student center late at night? I was last night. I was a little surprised to be accompanied by many bums. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I saw three of em' just sitting there watching TV. I know they don't have a home, but is this really what my student fees are paying for?

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