A hunter’s rights

Mar 072006

I am pleased to have had the likes of Mr. Hindman respond to my article. First off, I would like to thank him for defining irony by telling me to do research while making a fallacious assumption in the same sentence. I was informed of this law at the time

I took my Hunter's Safety Course, and it was enforceable at that time. That law has been deemed unconstitutional – that's great. But for five years it was enforceable. It still does not invalidate the point I was making, that every time someone stupid does something with a gun, we don't need to pass new laws as a response. There are far too many needless gun control laws already.

It gets tiring seeing rights that I hold as central

(specifically the right to defend myself and the right to provide myself and my family food) threatened because people cannot critically think before voting for laws, or electing those who vote for laws, which strip us of our liberties. These issues affect anyone who is afraid they might be part of a group that will find itself targeted unjustly for its beliefs.

Four years ago, I was dragged out of my truck by a SWAT team in Boulder while sleeping, waiting for a store to open, after camping the night before. I have no criminal record and was doing nothing illegal. I was napping until the store opened. A citizen saw my weapon, overreacted, called the police, who also overreacted, and I was the one who suffered. Two guns in my truck were seized (a shotgun and a small caliber rifle). I had to return to Boulder the next day to get them back.

CRS statute 18-12-105.6 states that, as I was not a resident of Boulder County, I was not subject to ANY gun control laws of the city or county of Boulder, since my guns were in my vehicle for a lawful purpose.

This means my civil rights were violated and I was unlawfully exploited for being ignorant by the very people who are supposed to protect us. If it is acceptable for the police to harass, legally and without repercussion, a certain group of people, we should all be very afraid.

Charles R. Everett


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