Mar 062006
Authors: Amber Baker

To find out more about Taize visit Berglund's Web site

St. Paul's Episcopal Church hosted its first Taize-style worship workshop Saturday to introduce its congregation to a unique, contemplative style of worship called Taize.

The workshop featured education about the Taize ministry and hands-on instruction in its music and prayer style, led by Brad Berglund, a church musician and founder and director of the Taize-style worship service at Calvary Baptist Church of Denver.

"It's a word we use for a particular style of worship, but it's also a mechanism to bring us together and to pray together," said Berglund, who also authored the book "Reinventing Sunday."

Taize worship centers on meditative silence, prayer and four-part harmony singing that is offered in many languages. It originated in a small community called Taize in eastern France in the 1950s, where young adults from all over Europe congregated to pray, worship and seek communion with Christ.

Today more than 6,000 young people between the ages of 17 and 29 still make a pilgrimage to Taize every week, Berglund said.

"Young people come to Taize to focus on a spiritual journey in a place of love and trust and worship," he said. " It focuses on growing deeper in that journey."

Berglund explained that the pilgrimage does not seek to organize young people into a movement, but encourages them to join with people of all nationalities and age groups to bring peace and reconciliation in their own communities.

Jonathan Wei, 24, attended the workshop with the rest of his class from The Worship Center in Windsor. Wei said he didn't know much about Taize, but found the workshop to be very informative.

"We're so enwrapped in pop culture and having something contemplative and of a different pace is a good change," he said.

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