Mar 052006
Authors: Nate Ramos

Underneath the 64-degree sun on the tennis courts behind Miramont Sports Center, CSU women's tennis defeated North Texas 6-1.

The Rams built off their recent success in doubles play, winning every doubles match of the day.

"It was a big improvement; we were playing more confident in doubles," said freshman Lauren Strasburger.

In addition to physical improvement as well as team play, Strasburger said the team is learning how to "play smarter" as well.

"We played simple and we kept the ball in the court," Strasburger said.

Smart play aside, CSU had to adjust midway through the match after a wind change.

"The first two sets were really calm but the third was windy," said sophomore Anne Andersen. "But it doesn't matter because you have been going so long. You just have to adjust a little bit."

The weather conditions provided a different challenge to the team, but they made the necessary adjustments and finished the match strong.

"Playing outside is a lot different then indoors because of the sun and the wind," Strasburger said. "It was hard to adjust at first."

Another obstacle the team overcame was closely watching Andersen, who reported not feeling well early Saturday morning. A trainer checked out Andersen after the match started because she had not fully recovered.

"I just wasn't feeling well," Andersen said. "It is hard when you are not feeling well because you really can't concentrate. It was a fight, I don't even know how I played, but I got the win in the end."

CSU tennis' next matches are March 14 and 15 against Southern Utah and Valparaiso in Las Vegas.

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