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Mar 052006

I'd like to thank Taco Del Mar for adding the Sudoku puzzles coupons in the paper. I was just wondering if they had a job waiting for me when I drop out of school.

Taking notes in class has become second on my to-do list.

I am sick of this "nice guy/girl" CRAP! Just shut up and live your life. No more excuses.

So now that RamTalk has become a dating column, I wanted to say I know a cute squirrel over by Corbett that is a little shy, maybe a little too "nice," that wants to meet the squirrel over by the Plant Sciences building.

People beware: bears are mobilizing. We must spread garbage around because garbage kills bears.

It is really irritating when you're already a little late for class or just on time and find that the only seats open are the ones being "saved" for people's friends or their belongings. It's not like you're going to have some long conversation with that person during class so why do you have to reserve a seat for them? Everyone pays just as much to attend this school and too bad that your friend isn't there yet.

I just want to express how disappointed I was when I found out that KATY was a group of sorority girls in teal shirts. Come on CSU we wanted a giraffe!

Can we show some love to my boy Sean Morris? Yeyea.

I think one of my favorite features of our great campus is the fluffy soap dispensers, the ones that give you a soft squirt of euphoria every time you need to wash your hands. I usually use two squirts but sometimes I go for four or five if I'm feeling especially bold.

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