Appreciate peace officers

Mar 052006

I wanted to comment on Jake Blumberg's article "Thank you to our peace officers" on the Opinion page in the Monday, Feb. 27 Collegian.

I was one of almost 4,000 police officers who sadly said goodbye to a fallen brother, Colorado Springs Police Department Detective Jensen, in Colorado Springs on Tuesday afternoon.

I was very moved that after the church service, as the motorcade proceeded through the 11-mile journey to the scene where Detective Jensen was taken from us, motorists, construction workers, school children and citizens stopped to pause along a busy I-25 and downtown city surface streets, to wave, salute, hold up "Thank you" or "We pray for your safety" banners and wave American flags to show the officers in the motorcade how much they are really appreciated for what they do.

I share this brief experience with you because we as citizens do take many police officers for granted. Sure, officers chose to be what they are. But what officers don't choose is how citizens choose to behave, be unlawful, violate traffic laws, commit crime and victimize others.

It's sad that citizens are the first to criticize the actions of a police officer, to make comments about what they did or how they did it, and yet that same citizen is the last to take responsibility for their own actions.

I think those citizens need to look into a mirror and have a reality check. In my 11 years as a Colorado police officer, I have seen on numerous occasions those same citizens to be the first to pick up a phone and summon a police officer when they need help.

Mr. Blumberg, I say thanks for taking a moment of your time to write your article. As a person who protects and serves, I appreciate you. To the men and women in blue: Be safe, remember there are citizens who care about us, and those who are cowardly and don't care about anything.


Cpl. Darren Martinez

Colorado State Police

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