To the Editor

Mar 022006

Last week, hundreds of CSU students watched a screening of the striking documentary, "Invisible Children," chronicling the suffering of Ugandan children. It is impossible not to be affected after seeing this film. Several friends and I have waited patiently for Collegian writers to acknowledge the efforts of the Invisible Children organization, but my patience has run out.

I urge the Collegian staff to restrict the asinine, polarized debating that comprises much of the daily paper. Although amusing, it is usually fruitless. I acknowledge the fact that the Collegian editor is obligated to report on what the paper's readers want to see, but a line must be drawn. There must be a fair balance of opinion, interest and importance.

I know importance is relative but I am confident that if the Collegian-reading population were made aware of "Invisible Children," there would be an ongoing interest in the organization. At the very least, please inform the CSU body about the Global Night Commute on April 29. It will give students the chance to make a difference and to appreciate how fortunate they are. Interested students can go to to learn about the organization's mission and how they can help.



Derek Lowstuter, forestry management

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