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Mar 022006

Girls DO want nice guys. But "nice guys" have a different definition of nice guys than girls. Our definition: Nice guy won't jump on every girl he sees while he's with you and will occasionally do decent things. Your definition: Don't have any balls, waiting for the girl to realize you're wonderful potential while hiding behind a tree.

Why is it that everyone washes his or her hands after using the restroom? Aren't your hands dirty and your privates clean? If anything, we should wash our hands before and after nature calls; hence the reason why the sinks generally come before the stalls. Wash on your way in and out, it makes sense right?

To the guy who climbed the tree in the courtyard by the Plant Science building the other day…were you pretending to be a squirrel?

It's so nice of the university to have taken down the Frisbee golf course to make room for the geese and their feces. They get an "A" for thoughtfulness.

I can't answer the question about why so many girls wear high heels and skirts, but I sure do like it!

To the guy who is talking about not finding girls who want nice guys… Where have you been all my life? I have spent my four years looking for "the boy next door." I swear, there are nice girls looking for the nice guys out there. Maybe we should meet *wink*

To the guy with the squirrel joke: Quoting Eddie Izzard without citing your source is a serious no-no. For shame.

It makes total sense to me how marijuana can be a safer form of recreation. I've lost count of how many board games I've played that suddenly turn into stab fights.

Sixlets are like if Skittles and M&Ms had love children.

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