Racism still alive today

Mar 022006

To those who are littering hate mail,

It is amazing to me that in a college community where we are taught about fallacies in logic, you use one of the worst. Although your topic does not have any logical arguments that would support your case, you choose to undermine yourself by first using a hasty generalization and second degrading the environment to spread your message.

But first, let's look at your logic. Considering the topic I would assume you are white, and if you are not and in fact a minority, you are undermining the minority cause for every race, including your own. It is unfortunate that you decided that three negatively- lighted persons of the African American race represent the entire race. To this I pose the question, do you think the actions and morals of Charles Manson (murderer), Ted Bundy (rapist) and Rudy Kos (child molester) represent you and your morals? If someone looked at you and immediately thought you must be just like these people how would you feel?

Secondly, the fact you carelessly littered the ground with your fanatical claims show me that not only do you not have respect for African Americans but you have no respect for anyone else, including yourself. In conclusion, it is time for people to stop drawing color lines and realize that everyone is innately good, although some may become lost. Secondly, although there may be some lost ignorant souls, there are lost, ignorant souls in every race (I would label you a lost, ignorant soul of whatever race you are). And finally, for as many that are lost there are twice as many caring, compassionate, generous and loving people in every race. I say, celebrate this month with a full open heart, and celebrate every other culture and race as well.

Jacey J Roche


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