Guns or no guns?

Mar 022006

Guns are dangerous. It is as simple as that. They were designed to kill.

While many people have brought up straw-man arguments about other potential weapons or the wiliness of criminals, this information is irrelevant to the debate. We should instead be asking ourselves about the rationality of guns in our culture.

As a modern society, is the right to own a gun important? Why does someone need to own a gun? Are there alternatives to private ownership? And while there are some who would hide behind the Second Amendment, let me point out how ridiculous it sounds to support something simply because it is part of our law code without providing any reason to continue supporting that law.

Remember all those absurd laws from the late 1800s we like to laugh at? What if they were in the Constitution?

The same applies to those who are afraid of guns because of their destructive power. If owning a gun serves a valuable purpose in society, then so be it.

Rather than have a knee-jerk reaction about the subject, take some time to reflect upon the reasoning behind the arguments. If you want to own a gun, then consider why and whether it is useful. Don't hide behind "just because."

Allan Ewert



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