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Authors: Dominic Graziano

Check out Leer43 on March 4th at CB & Potts in Fort Collins. It's an 18 and up show with Ten After Eight, and Ass Throttle. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. $5 tickets.

In a world where most music ends up as background noise for a nightclub, leer43 is breaking molds and taking the path less traveled. No more formulaic songs for these guys.

Leer43 is made up of four strapping young men who are good at what they do. With almost 30 years of experience between them, Brandon Metz, who plays guitar and piano, and drummer Chris Combs have been in Leer43 the longest.

"Me and Chris have been playing together for roughly four years," Metz said.

"I played jazz and funk professionally before I joined Leer43," Combs added.

Leer43's influences are evident in their music. From Combs' jazz influences to Metz's eclectic rock tastes, it's easy to see how their music is formed.

Metz and bassist Michael Cox share a lot of musical influences, as well as vocal duties in the band. Cox also has no expectations when it comes to people's reactions to his music.

"Our music is open to people's interpretation, we usually classify it as alternative rock," said Cox.

The band has held its current lineup for only a couple of weeks. Newest member Dan Means is picking up guitar duties.

"Dan is brand new," Metz said, "He's played three shows so far with great results."

Since Cox joined the band to make a solid lineup two years ago, the band has focused more on the quality of concert rather than the quantity they play.

"We want to play shows in good venues and promote them in order to get a good crowd," Combs said.

"There is nothing more depressing than being the last band at a poorly promoted show playing to 5 people," he added.

Playing concerts is the backbone of leer43s musical prowess, but that doesn't mean they have no aspirations.

"Of course we want to get signed, but it has to be the right label," Metz said.

"The fit has to be right," Combs said, "we don't want to go selling our souls or anything."


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