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Mar 012006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Not to worry, the CSU-CU rivalry will be back, at least for three more years with an option to extend it to 10 years. The highly touted rivalry game was in jeopardy of being withdrawn because the two schools couldn't reach terms on a new deal. However the new contract released Wednesday states that for the next three years, the Rocky Mountain Showdown will take place at Mile High Field at Invesco Stadium.

While we don't feel this is an ideal compromise, it is certainly much more fair than the previous deals. CU hosted the Showdown the past two years, which has been unfair. The games have been played at either Invesco or in Boulder, which never gives CSU any kind of home field advantage. An ideal situation would be one in which each team got to play at their respective stadium. But, at least the playing field has been evened and neither team will have much of an advantage.

Luckily this rivalry will continue because both schools deserve it. We encourage that this rivalry never end considering each year it offers an amazing game.

We look forward to next year's season and next year's win over CU.

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