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Authors: Danielle Yuthas

The Holistic and Intuitive Arts Fair this weekend can reach mind, body and soul, and can even nurture the gut feelings humans may harbor.

The fair will be held March 4 and 5 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Lincoln Center. The fair aims to help people learn to trust feelings and connect, said fair organizer and clairvoyant Carol Ostrom.

The fair has been rising in popularity among college students for the past two years. According to Ostrom, it is because anyone around the age of 21 or younger is considered an Indigo child, meaning more open to things and have more natural intuition.

During the time when Ostrom was beginning to realize she was psychic, it was taboo for her to mention her premonitions. This definition of our generation stems from the location of Pluto and reveals that we have a tendency to constantly rebuild ourselves.

"It gives people a place in the community to go if they don't have anyone to talk to," said Ostrom.

Aura readings, spirit animal guides, palmistry, tarot card interpretation and handwriting analyses are just previews of talents shared at the Holistic and Intuitive Arts fair.

Alexis Hmielak is one of the exhibitors who specializes in animal communication. She draws charcoal portraits of customers and the animal which is trying to speak to them. Hmielak said people always talk to God but they rarely listen.

"We're animals too. Just because others don't speak English doesn't mean they don't have something to say," she said.

Clairvoyant experiences are widely varied. Hmielak hears her own voice speaking in her head whereas aura photographer, psychic and medical intuitive Judy Lekic sees angels and spirits that have passed on. When she was a nurse she discovered her ability to see inside people's bodies and help them connect their life to their illness she said.

"Everyone has feelings but they just don't follow them because egos intervene," said Lekic. She made a pact with the archangel Michael to tell her the messages audibly she said, and with these messages she helps clients all over the world.

The holistic experience would not be complete without pertaining to body. The list includes whole food nutrition and dietary supplements alongside massages and methods of stress relief.

To appease the inner-shopper in us all, crystals, crafts, jewelry, t-shirts, organic soaps and candles are among the browse-able.

In order to serve the community, visitors are encouraged to bring a canned good to receive $1 off of the $3 admission for one day or $5 for the whole weekend. Exhibitors give a discount on their services for attending the fair.


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