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Feb 282006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

They chanted protest slogans, burned flags and bombed embassies, and now other Muslims want to explain why.

The Muslim Student Association is sponsoring a lecture meant to help people understand the controversy over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad that a Danish newspaper originally published.

Islam is the second largest religion in the world, but maybe the most misunderstood. Many Americans probably can't fathom bombing an embassy in response to a cartoon.

The fact is, it's easy to dismiss the protestors as fanatical fundamentalists who just don't understand Western hegemonic ideals of free speech.

It's more difficult to admit that maybe we are the ones who don't understand.

The truth is, in our fairly homogenous state and usually ethnocentric country, minorities are ignorantly overlooked or stereotyped.

Education is the only antidote for ignorance, and Americans as a whole could use a healthy dose.

Go to the lecture. It will take a bit of your time, but it could give you a world of understanding. Why not take the chance to learn about something that is so important to so many people in our global community?

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