Feb 282006

In the last few weeks the argument over gay marriage that has inundated our campus and this very newspaper has boiled over.

I have, up until now, avoided the discussion, but one aspect of this whole debate has really begun to eat at me. It appears that all those who oppose gay marriage rights fall under the umbrella term "homophobe" and have an illogical fear of homosexuals. If you ask a supporter of gay marriage rights that is.

The most common target of the "homophobe" label is the Christian speaking out against gay marriage. The arguments of these Christians have been, for the most part, ignored and written off as "fundamentalist preaching." So, please allow me to briefly clarify what they have been trying to say.

The majority of people in this country oppose allowing homosexual couples to marry and they do so for a myriad of reasons (both Judaism and Islam have beliefs on this topic nearly identical to Christianity). At this point, however, I can only speak for myself and my fellow Christians. As a Christian, my opposition to gay marriage comes from my understanding of God's opinion on the topic, as clearly laid out in the bible. I am NOT afraid of gay people. I do NOT hate gay people. I even happen to have friends who are gay. Yet somehow I still fall under the category of "homophobic" according to the people who disagree with me.

Now, why is it that if I disagree with the lefties then I am a "hateful, homophobic, bigot" but if they disagree with me they are just being "open-minded?" It sounds like a pretty smelly case of hypocrisy to me. As a matter of fact, if you follow this backward logic, that if you disagree with the way a person lives or acts then you hate them and have a phobia of them, then I would have to say that there is an epidemic of ryanchapmanophobia going around at CSU.

If you disagree with anything I have ever said or done then you are a ryanchapmanophobe and a bigot and I have a question for you. Why do you garner such hatred and ignorance toward me? In my time at the Collegian my various editors have received countless letters calling for my dismissal simply because of the opinions I hold. Why are you ryanchapmanophobes trying to deny my right to free speech and happiness? Why are you all so afraid of me?

See, when you look at this skewed liberal thinking from another angle it just doesn't seem as selfless and virtuous, in fact it sounds kind of dumb. Those throwing words like "bigot" around carelessly are so ignorant of what their opposition (namely Christians) truly believe/practice that they have become exactly what they claim to hate: intolerant.

I once heard a saying that if you are too open-minded your brain will fall out. So to all of you who fall under this description, I will make you a deal: You stop calling me a "homophobe" and I will stop calling you idiots.

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