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Feb 272006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Something's wrong here, no matter which way you look at it.

The Clark and Rockwell buildings, which have recently suffered more than $15,000 in thefts, have proven easily accessible to almost anyone after midnight.

With 50,000 authorized keys out there – more than double the number of students who attend CSU – it's easy to imagine an ex-employee being able to walk in and loot anything he or she would like.

Obviously, patrolling CSU Police Department officers can't be everywhere all the time. Where, then, could any blame fall?

We believe that some of it falls on the university itself. There are enough keys out there for about a third of Fort Collins residents to carry one. New locks for the outside doors at the very least should be considered, and doors should be locked each night.

We also urge staff and faculty to lock up and leave nothing of value lying around. It is clear that the security of at least a few campus buildings is questionable at best.

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