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Feb 262006

I know it's hard, but if everyone could only use one parking spot per vehicle that would really make my day. One spot – good; two spots – bad.

This goes out to all guys that attend the Suite on Wednesday nights… Just because a girl dances with you does NOT mean she wants to sleep with you! For one she is just there to dance, and two she is probably only still dancing with you because her friend hasn't saved her yet. Hence, there is absolutely no reason why you should think that kissing, groping, licking, grabbing of hands or anything else you might think would be a good move, is NOT cool.

What is wrong with Clark A101 lately? First it smelt like pumpkins, then mint and now mustard! I don't understand what people must be eating in there, or maybe my nose is broken.

I think the squirrel was wearing a radio transceiver, he was telling the goldfish to get the hell out of the lagoon before they freeze to death.

I think the cops should start writing tickets to people who write novels for RamTalk.

If your name is AARON and you lost your keys on Friday night in the parking lot behind the Aggie, they are now at the lost and found of the Albertson's on Lemay and Riverside avenues. You have one of their "preferred customer" cards, which I may or may not have used to get cheaper groceries. You are welcome and thanks.

To the girl/guy who thinks that the CSU Police Department should write "fashion no-no" tickets – I'm pretty sure that you are in college now and NOT high school. If you are worrying about what other people are wearing, you should start up your own fashion police group and write your own tickets.

I think the squirrels need to stop being pacifists and start being terrorists. The geese are invading their land and they just don't listen to words. But after getting hit by a squirrel with dynamite strapped to his back… that'll teach 'em.

What are you supposed to do if there isn't a flavor packet in your ramen noodles? I hope the answer is get pissed 'cuz that's what I did.

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