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Feb 262006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The two seemed destined for collision.

He's an old-fashioned kind of guy. The other man is, well, part of a 1970s-onward trend.

Loveland Republican state Rep. Jim Welker once likened gay marriage to a guy from Boulder who tried to marry his horse. The overweight, mustached porn star Ron Jeremy once said that porn can't be blamed for depravity – he used to masturbate to Gilligan's Island.

The Sex and So Much More Show, touting Jeremy and porn starlet Jenna Jameson, drew thousands to the Denver Convention Center over the weekend. And how did Welker react?


"It is unacceptable for Colorado to become a culture that exposes impure behavior to our children without batting an eye," according to a statement put out by his office, signed by eight other Republican legislators.

How dramatic. But we hope to set his gentle mind at ease – children weren't admitted to the show.

We won't make fun of Welker. We certainly won't discuss the fact that his parents probably made whoopee because they enjoyed "impure behavior" as much as the next person. But we will pose a question to our representative, who is ironically from a town that capitalizes on Valentine's Day – a day with roots in a pagan fertility festival.

What do lawmakers think they should have to do with our "culture," or bedrooms?

We think the answer should be "absolutely nothing."

If the partially taxpayer-funded Denver Convention Center passed up the show as Welker would have liked, we believe the city would be missing out. Sex is not impure, and enjoying the act is no more disgusting than enjoying a well-seasoned meal.

Even if you agree with Welker and his eight dried-up GOP cronies and despise sexual freedom, don't let them take away your choice to decide whether to exercise it.

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