Google did the right thing

Feb 262006

Tyler Wittman asserts that Google's refusal to hand over search queries to the government is equated with perversion, but if the government has legal authority to obtain this information, the courts will right this matter.

Google is to be commended for taking the proper step to protect the public from unlawful governmental intrusion. Who is to say the government is properly conducting this investigation until the matter is resolved in the courts?

Given that other administration policies do the opposite of the name they are given, such as the Clear Skies Initiative or No Child Left Behind Act, Google is brave and wise to buck the administration.

What they are doing is legal, while what Yahoo and MSN are doing is just playing the administration lap dog. I guess since Musgrave has bucked the administration for the first time regarding letting our ports be run by a United Arab Emirates company, Wittman feels the need to fulfill the role of unquestioning administration lapdog.

As far as Google's enterprises in China are concerned, as Tyler mentions, this is no different than what any other company must do to have access to China's gigantic and rapidly expanding market. But calling Google communist is a blatant lie, just as is the other assertion that they support child molestation.

What kind of journalism is this? The worst kind. Attention-getting, anger-stirring and just plain wrong in all respects. This is blatantly damaging to the public welfare. Fire this idiot now!

Michael O'Brien

graduate student

biomedical engineering

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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