Feb 262006

I would like to commend Megan Schulz for her intelligent choice of a topic for this week's column. Female genital mutilation (FGM) is indeed an issue worthy of discussing.

However, she butchered any resemblance of intelligence with the article itself. It confuses me as to how such a horribly written piece could have even been considered for publication.

In order to keep this short, I'll turn a blind eye to her utter lack of organization and coherence and her blatant misuse of the English language. I'll even skip over the pointless and baseless statements that make up the majority of her writing, and point out just two sentences from her article for the readers to mull over:

1) "…we should question why FGM is still performed at all in our advanced, industrial world of today."

Apparently Ms. Schulz doesn't understand the concept of third-world countries.

2) "The supporters of FGM are guilty of cultural and societal beliefs."

This one confounds me. I am speechless.

I will also note that she never once mentioned male circumcision in an article about genital mutilation. She must think that cutting off a boy's foreskin is perfectly acceptable, in which case she is "guilty of culture" as well.


Sarah Schmeer

Junior, Watershed Science

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