Feb 262006
Authors: Ryan Skeels

I've been a sucker for animated movies since the first time "Dumbo" flashed before my eyes, and I generally jump at every chance I get to catch most that come to Fort Collins.

I am sad to say that this weekend I was gravely disappointed and bored out of my mind sitting in a theatre literally all by myself on Friday during the first showing of "Doogal." Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for a kid's flick but generally even if the story's bad, the animation alone can keep the interest rate high.

Then again, with "The Incredibles" and "Finding Nemo" already out on the animation plate, it takes something a little better than this story to make heads turn.

The story is about Doogal, a long hair mutt whose owner, Florence, gets trapped behind a wall of ice when the evil sorcerer Zeebad gets released from his ancient prison inside of a merry-go-round at the carnival. Apparently a little angry from being locked up for hundreds of years, it's now Zeebad's intent to gain some ultimate power and freeze the entire planet to the core.

You see, legend tells of three magical jewels that, when combined, have enough power to freeze even the hottest of molten lava. The only chance the planet has is Doogle and his motley crew of friends to find the jewels before Zeebad does, save Florence from her icy cell and stop the deep-freezing of the world.

This forty-five minute too long, eighty-five minute movie felt more like I was watching someone play a children's video game than it did a full-length flick, aside from the fact it felt like two full-length flicks back to back. The only other time I was that tempted to walk out of a theatre mid-movie was during Dave Mathews' epic role in "Because of Winn-Dixie."

The writers even put a crap-load of good movie references in an attempt to keep the older audiences interested, and I'll admit one of them was pretty damn sweet, but all in all, it really just didn't do it for me. Instead of paying for you and your little sister to watch a dog save the day, you should probably just swing through the Village Idiot and pick up some quality entertainment.

1 out of 5 ramheads.

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