Feb 262006

To answer Tim Waddingham's initial question, "If [a] person did not have a gun, would they have been able to cause the same harm or inflict the same damage?"

The answer is yes. Criminals have a very wide range of weapons to choose from. Everything from a kitchen knife to a baseball bat can be used as a lethal weapon.

I would argue that guns are chosen as a weapon of choice simply because they were designed to kill. Tim failed to mention that According to the CDC National Center for Health Statistics only 762 of the 30,242 gun deaths were accidental.

Obviously, it is safe to say that the majority of the gun violence is a result of homicides and suicides. Therefore, it is only rational to say that people do in fact kill people. It is a physical impossibility for a gun to kill without someone to operate the weapon.

I believe that the number of gun-related homicides is extremely unacceptable and guns do make killing easier, however the real problem is not the gun itself, but the irresponsible and ignorant people that use them in negative ways.

Keep in mind the people are the ones who ultimately give guns a bad name. Instead of talking about guns killing people lets talk about how to stop people from using guns to kill other people.

Patrick McArdle

Freshman open-option major


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