Anything can kill people

Feb 262006

While I thank Tim for using statistics instead of the usual pathetic pathos crap the anti-gun person tends to rely on. When put into context, they are rendered ineffectual.

According to the National Vital Statistics Report of Sept. 2002, firearms were number seven in causes of accidental deaths at a mere .8 percent, with the leaders being motor vehicle accidents (44.3 percent), falls (17.8 percent) and poisoning (13 percent).

Car accidents kill far more people than gun accidents. As for intentional homicides, knives are equally lethal in close encounters as are required for homicides (as demonstrated by the Tueller Drill… Google it). Most murders (excluding events like Columbine) happen one or two at a time.

A knife is more than capable of the task. Removing all guns (even if you could do the impossible task of physically removing every single one from the general public) would not stop the majority of murders or homicides.

Your article stated that an American is killed every 20 minutes by a firearm. Dr. Gary Kleck, renowned criminologist from Florida State University, conducted a study that concluded that guns are used defensively against criminals every 13 seconds. Merely brandishing a firearm can be enough to ward off an attacker.

Consider the fairly recent armed robbery spree here in Fort Collins (which was covered by the Collegian) that was ended by an armed victim who non-fatally shot the attacker and potentially saved the life of his roommate.

So, guns certainly can and do kill people, but so do cars, ladders, pools, poisons, knives, fire, water, pretzels and the bare hands of brutal men. Cheney's accident is not a nail in the coffin of the gun. It's not even a splinter of it.

Accidents happen. There is no "gun epidemic." It is not a partisan matter (I'm a "heavily armed liberal"); it's a matter of rational fact versus alarmist drivel. People who want to kill people will do it regardless of what tool they use, if any.

And I for one would rather have the highest power legally available in the defense of life and limb, God forbid I should ever need it.

Tim Bessler


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