Feb 232006

In response to the editorial on the Olympics, both Mr. Bondy and Mr. Okamoto have succeeded in portraying themselves as arrogant, apathetic Americans who have completely missed the point.

In their attempts to persuade me to either watch or boycott the 2006 winter Olympics, both have revealed vast ignorance. Mr. Okamoto, should America choose another country with whom to start a crippling, decades-long standoff so that you can feel patriotic about watching sports again? Or should the IOC allow terrorist organizations to participate in the Olympics so that you may root against them?

And Mr. Bondy, your belief that a sport is deemed worthy of viewing only if it involves a crash or an American sports icon is sad and embarrassing. You haven't heard of many Olympic athletes because they are not sponsored by the corporations you see featured in commercials on ESPN. You "know" American sports athletes no better than Olympic athletes. The winter Olympics may not be surrounded by the hype and publicity of your coveted Super Bowl, Mr. Bondy, nor do they feature mainstream sporting events, but that is entirely the beauty of it. Granted, the Olympics are not without corporate sponsorship, but in our day it's incredible to watch a sporting event without seeing the ubiquitous corporate logo.

The Olympic games showcase highly skilled, amateur athletes who compete on an international stage for no pay. Americans should embrace this kind of spirit rather than arrogantly dismiss it, as the Collegian sports editors do.

Carter Gehman

geosciences graduate student

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