Feb 232006

In Jake Blumberg's column dealing with tolerance, he posed the question "What are you so afraid of?" to those who protest the trend toward recognizing homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle. Referencing a column carried by the Collegian that objected to gay marriage, Mr. Blumberg wrote that he knew he couldn't control the opinions of others but was "hoping for them to change the way they act on their beliefs."

Mr. Blumberg, what would you have us do? Are we to join a tide of popular opinion that goes contrary to what we believe because speaking out might offend the minority? Why are you so quick to deny the right to protest those who hold opinions contrary to your own when you exercise it so freely yourself? Why is the expression of the majority's viewpoint so quickly discarded as hateful when it is juxtaposed with the demands of a vocal few?

Like many others, I oppose same-sex marriage, but it is not born of hatred or fear.

I know several homosexuals and respect them as brothers and sisters in the human race. I believe they have made a lifestyle decision that conflicts with the "universal truths" so disdained by Barb Kistler. We who feel this way have just as much right to write a newspaper column or organize a march as you without fear of being branded bigots and homophobes. I am saddened by your opposition to our liberties and hope that you would clarify your stance in later columns.

Jacob Miller



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