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Recently it has been brought to my attention the realities and consequences of the Wal-Mart stores on not only our community, but also our state, country and world.

The Walton family received $91,500 per hour in tax cuts in 2004, but does not provide its employees with affordable healthcare. Thousands of Wal-Mart employees are on Medicaid, food stamps and welfare because of store policy. There are lawsuits in more than 30 states for abusing wages and hours, numerous fines from the EPA for hurting the environment, class action lawsuits for discrimination against women, and employees overseas are working 14 hours a day for only $3 an hour. Abductions, rapes, murders and other crimes are committed around the nation in Wal-Mart parking lots, and Wal-Mart has been taken to court for hiding information showing a decrease in crime when parking lots were patrolled. But, for some reason, a billion dollar corporation whose owners have a personal underground shelter in case of a terrorist attack cannot make changes for the safety of the people who keep their corporation running.

I find it an outrage that the Collegian would agree to advertise for students to shop at a deceptive and destructive company. There are very few inserts in the Collegian and Wal-Mart is one. I feel as college students, it is our responsibility to promote equality, liberty and freedom: the values our country was founded on. If we are not going to promote these values as students, the least we can do is cease to promote a company that is destroying our people, community and economy.

I encourage someone who disagrees to do the research and decide for themselves if it is moral to advertise and shop at a monopoly that values profit, not people.

Jennifer Davis


social work

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