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Feb 232006

FYI: It is law enforcement policy to pull patrol vehicles at an "asinine angle" for officer safety. This policy is in place to prevent from possible "angry drivers," such as yourself, from running over the officer while he is in contact with the driver. It also provides the officer a place to take cover in the event of a hostile driver who may have a weapon.

Instead of writing bike and speeding tickets, campus police should be writing fashion tickets. Instead of going to class, maybe everyone should watch What Not to Wear.

Is the flag near the Clark building flying at half-staff for all the frozen goldfish?

To the person who doesn't like people who pronounce the 't' in often: Buy a dictionary, look up the phonetic spelling and realize that you are ignorant since it can be pronounced both ways (of' en, af'-; -ten). Furthermore, I would also guess you don't pronounce the 't' in exactly (eg zakt', ig-), which is incorrect.

To the guy who wants to start "RamTalk Dating": your suggestion sounds like a different version of Internet dating. Here's an idea, why don't you try walking around campus and talking to some ladies in person. I mean they're only EVERYWHERE! Take the aerobics/dance class across from my basketball class in Moby. All I can say is wow!

I just want to thank the biker and pedestrian who were on the lagoon yesterday; it taught me an important life lesson – don't try to pedal your cycle on ice because when you fall you might take out your friend. But seriously, it ignited the chuckle heard 'round the LSC.

I'm pretty positive I am the girl that the boy hates so much that he took me off Facebook. I was removed from the Myspace friends list as well.

Regarding the idiot who runs to crosswalks: True, pedestrians have the right of way but where does it say in the DMV manual that you have the right to be immature and inconsiderate of others?

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