Blumberg hypocritical

Feb 232006

Blumberg hypocritical

The amount of hypocrisy present in Jake Blumberg's

"Why not try a little tolerance?" is astounding. He tells us that all "homophobes" are "ignorant and vile" and immediately classifies anybody who believes homosexuals should not marry as hateful.

Amazing! Have you thought, Mr. Blumberg, that perhaps there are people out there who sincerely believe in the sanctity of marriage AND have no hatred for anybody? The two are not mutually exclusive. Have you considered the fact that labeling any person who does not think as you do a "homophobe" is a huge generalization?

Yes, there are hateful people out there, and there is ignorance, and sometimes it's downright disgusting and horrible. But not all naysayers of homosexual marriage "hate" homosexuals or are "homophobes." You, sir, are guilty of that which you condemn.

Josh Phillips


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