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Feb 222006
Authors: Junco Partner Special to the Collegian

Pisces (Feb.19-March 20) Hopefully, President's Day served as a reminder to you that even some of the greatest men from our nation's long, illustrious history have had to overcome enormous adversity to achieve their goals. Even more important, sometimes the greater good will have to be put before your own needs if you are to achieve happiness.

Consider George Washington, who was forced to postpone the construction of his Mount Vernon residence and leave the comforts of his wife Martha in order to secure the rights of self governance for the land owning, white, aristocratic men of the time. Or the trials and tribulations of Abraham Lincoln, who saw a child die and a wife go slightly insane while trying to guide a nation divided. Stay strong and be a leader, your country will thank you later.

Aries (March 21-April 19) Every spring, millions upon millions of sandhill cranes migrate through Nebraska on their way to nesting grounds farther north. The spectacle is regarded by bird lovers as one of nature's most awe-inspiring events.

Consider the methods of the crane — the tallest of flying birds – while going through the motions of life this week. Like you, the crane is a traveler in both spirit and body, not inclined to sit in one spot for too long. Yet, the crane has developed methods, such as gliding on top of thermal waves to assist in these long journeys. Don't be afraid to take flight, but seek out the most efficient way possible so as to gain maximum distance out of your travels.

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Leading up to the NASCAR season's inaugural race, The Daytona 500, driver Tony Stewart was pointed in his warnings of on-track behavior that was likely to lead to multi-car crashes and possibly driver injuries. Ironically, over the course of the race, Stewart was involved in multiple incidents with other drivers, including Jeff Gordon and Matt Kenseth. Despite losing positions due to a crash and penalty, Stewart was still able to march through the field and finish a respectable fifth in the "Great American Race."

The point of this is that while you are likely to have success in whatever your endeavors may be this week, you would be wise to remain silent before taking upon said tasks. Otherwise you risk portraying yourself as a hypocrite, or a dirty player, or a loudmouth, none of which will aid you in the long-term fruition of your goals.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) Katie King and the rest of the U.S. women's hockey team assumed they would be coming home from the Olympics with some heavy hardware, they just expected it to be of a different mineral. Since the inception of women's hockey as a world-recognized sport, the teams from the U.S. and Canada have had difficulty finding worthy opponents. Teams from Europe and beyond provided little competition and the two heavyweights were reduced to slugging it out with each other in what seemed like a never ending North American death match. The two teams operated like an isolated couple, oblivious to the outside world and the forces that may soon be coming to forever alter their perception of order and reason.

So when the U.S. women lost last week for the first time to any team not named Canada, the repercussions were felt well beyond the wide world of sports. Beware of the outside influences that may cause havoc with your relationships. The world does not operate in a vacuum and if you don't pay attention to the big picture, someone might come in and alter yours forever.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Pamela Anderson has recently asked Australian Prime Minister John Howard to assist her in putting an end to the controversial wool cultivating methods employed by the country's sheep farmers. According to Anderson the sheep are forced to endure "sad practices," which she believes cause undo strain on the animals and their rumps.

Applying your own moralities and values to the workplace can be a tricky proposition. The need for self-sustainability often trumps any ill consciousness that may result from working for an employer who shows little regards for the earth around us. You are above that level of low thinking however, and need to consider your fellow man when choosing a career.

Leo (July 23-Aug.22) When Madonna was performing her hit titles, "Like a Virgin," "True Blue" and "Like a Virgin," for adoring audiences during the '80s, it seemed as though the infamous pop goddess was a timeless, age defying entity, who's star would never dim. This view was only reinforced a few years ago when the mother of two exchanged oral pleasantries on stage with the next generation of blond divas, Christina Aguilera and Brittany Spears.

Unfortunately for us all, our unflappable image of this ageless wonder was destroyed recently with the revelation that Madonna had suffered a hernia requiring surgical repair. Hernia repair surgery is not all that uncommon in this country – an estimated 500,000 of the procedures took place last year. But it is a reminder that we all must grow old someday, even our national treasures in the movie and music industries.

Don't waste your winter days being a "downer Debbie," put down the "hater-ade" and everyone around you, including yourself, will feel the positive effects.

Virgo (Aug.23-Sept.22) All seemed well for President George Bush while enjoying some time off last summer at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. That was until a hurricane named Katrina decided to slam itself into the Gulf Coast and destroy the lives of thousands. Although hoping for the best, after a couple of day's worth of disaster, the president realized that his vacation would have to be cut short.

Even the best-laid plans can sometimes be ruined by events beyond our control. With plans for a vacation now in the making, you need to remember the hard lessons of the president. Always hope for the best, while planning for the worst.

Libra (Sept.23-Oct. 22) The legacy of Thomas Edison has been taking a hit lately with the recent surge in the use of fluorescent lights as an effective energy conserving method. The use of compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs has seen an overall increase from 2.3 percent of the bulb market in 1999 to 5.6 percent this year.

Don't be dismayed by faddy trends however, as you are solid as a rock and brilliant when inspired, much like Edison in his day. The recent infatuation by others in directions away from you is only temporary. Soon others will tire of the cheap, florescent lifestyle they have forsaken you for and no doubt return for your incandescent warmth.

Scorpio (Oct.23-Nov.21) The Atlanta Braves have reached the Major League Baseball playoffs every year since 1991. This unprecedented streak of success has been somewhat tempered by the fact that during that time span, the team has only been able to walk away with one championship, in 1995.

You have also been marked with long-term excellence, which would no doubt is the envy of most around you. Yet a seeming inability to climb the tallest of mountains and claim you have conquered all, has left you questioning the worthiness of these feats. It is imperative that you realize the significance of your accomplishments and not allow yourself to be judged by any standards society has placed on you.

Sagittarius (Nov.22-Dec.21) Even the stars of Hollywood are not impervious to the destructive patterns of divorce, which run so rampant through our society. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson can't even agree on the date of their separation with the former claiming the split occurred on Dec.13 and the latter Nov. 23. Due to the fact that the star-crossed lovers signed no prenuptial agreement, however, this disagreement over such a seemingly small matter does not bode well for the future of the divorce proceedings.

This is a reminder for you to take the high road when proceeding through your own dissolved unions, whether they are personal or professional. Keep a cool head and you will prevail. Fail to control your emotions and disaster may befall you, the likes of which have not been seen since last year's "Dukes of Hazard" remake.

Capricorn (Dec.22-Jan 19) When the original "King", Elvis Presley, was living the life in Memphis, Tenn., all he ever wanted for his daughter was peace and happiness. A better childhood than the one he had experienced growing up in a shotgun house in rural Mississippi, experiencing the pain of losing a twin brother.

Oh, what the man in the velvet cape must be thinking now from his perch up in rock heaven as he recently watched his only child, Lisa Marie Presley walk down the aisle for the fourth time.

The King has no doubt already spun a few times in his Graceland grave with daughter Lisa Marie already having proclaimed her never-ending love to the likes of Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage. In her most recent marriage, Lisa Marie brought the cycle full circle, using her first husband, Danny Keough, as the best man for her new man.

All of this begs, why the need to continue down the path of destructive intimate relationships? The shock value has worn off on your family to the point it is only shocking to them if it is not. The time has come to seek stability and friendship in a relationship. Don't worry; your parents will be just fine.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 -Feb.18) The nation is still reeling from Vice President Dick Cheney shooting a man with a shotgun and you should be too. Even the most well intentioned endeavors can sometimes turn disasterously wrong. Luckily, no man or birds appeared to have died as a result of the failed hunting expedition, showing that even the darkest nights eventually end with a beautiful sunrise. Use this as a warning before you take off on your next seemingly harmless adventure with friends. In the mean time, heed the advice of the late, great, songwriter and performer Warren Zevon and avoid all incidents that may include lawyers, guns and money in any combination.

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