Rams with Cams

Feb 222006
Authors: Michelle Zilis, Jenny Ivy

CSU students are exploring the creative arts while competing in the school's second annual film festival. Rams with Cams iMovie Fest kicked off last week, giving students a week to produce their own three- to eight-minute film about anything they choose.

Freshman Rachel Pavek , Tirrel Grovenstein, Claire Vaneewalle , Bria Roberts and Beth Lancaster are a few amateur producers creating a short film about the secret war between janitors and the people who hang fliers.

In the beginning of the year when these freshmen experienced the woes of being on their own without the unlimited bank roll from their parents for the first time, they applied to hang fliers for a pretty penny.

"There was one woman who was telling us what to do, and she really believed that janitors were the anti-Christ," Lancaster said. "There is a lot of tension between them. So we wanted to make a dramatization about their ongoing battle."

The women plan to make their video about the flier distributors trying to be extremely stealthy without getting caught by the janitor, Pavek said. Action, drama and comedy will ensue, and the girls promise a death as well as many laughs.

Roberts will play the character inspired by their own crazy boss and the rest of the girls will be the flier distributors. The janitor will be played by a friend of the crew.

The contest is cosponsored by Apple of the Rockies, which has donated 30 cameras and 30 computers to the cause. This allows each team to have their own camera and a lab for all their editing.

Some participating groups are returning competitors and others are new, many without much filming experience.

"Most of us are what we like to refer to as technologically inept," Lancaster said. "(Vaneewalle) has some editing experience, so she has mainly been our go-to guy for that area, but we are all pretty well-rounded in the arts so we're pretty confident."

Vaneewalle and Pavek are majoring in art, and Lancaster is majoring in creative writing. As the week unraveled and the group put their filming and editing to work, they all learned and became confident with their skills.

With 34 teams in the competition, competitive talk no doubt has arisen. This team is hoping to do well in the competition, but they especially hope to beat a particular group they claim have "big egos."

However, their main measure of success is creating a piece of work they are all proud of.

"We think it is a good memory for college," Lancaster said. "We want it to be something that we can look back on and remember the great times we had here at CSU."

While the film focuses on what happens to a particular group of students trying to earn some extra money, they hope the basic themes extend past that one group and can relatable by all.

"It's about trying to earn some extra money and having your imagination take over," Lancaster said. "We hope people can relate to it not because of the situation, but because of the emotions within the film."

If their film makes it past the first round it will be shown along with 10 to 15 others at the Premiere Night on March 5 in the Lory Student Center Theatre. There the top films will be judged and the winning team will receive iPods. Second and third place will also receive prizes.

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