Feb 212006

I am appalled by Jeff Lemke's column and, in general, the effort of fundamentalist Christians to change Colorado law and the U.S. Constitution to reflect their Biblical views.

I don't have room here to comment on the very suspect "facts" and statistics Mr. Lemke cites from his ultra-conservative sources. This is not a moral issue; this is an issue of the separation of church and state.

We are free to believe in whatever religion we choose in this country. If we base our constitution on the Bible we are no longer a democracy, but a theocracy. Christians do not have to recognize a homosexual marriage in their church, but this does not mean there needs to be a law or an amendment to the Constitution prohibiting the marriage or union of homosexual couples.

Just because you have reminded us what the Bible says doesn't mean we have to follow its teachings. Homosexual couples want the same things heterosexual couples want out of a marriage.

They want to publicly declare their commitment to each other, while realizing the financial and legal benefits of being married. Mr. Lemke says homosexuals are highly promiscuous, but wants to deny them the right to legalize their committed relationship.

Mr. Lemke does not have to invite the lesbian couple next door to his next church potluck, but he certainly should not deny them the right to marry.

Bryan Brown

Married and Open-Minded Research Associate


Colorado State University

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