Feb 212006

As an avid cyclist and regular commuter, I was greatly disappointed to see the new bike lanes constructed in the vicinity of our campus. While many bike lanes are excellent, those that were recently marked on Laurel Street are a liability and will eventually prove lethal to cyclists. The bike lanes on Laurel were placed directly adjacent to parallel parked cars, placing the cyclist squarely in the door zone. I personally know several local riders that have been hit or pushed into traffic by a suddenly opened car door. Mountain Avenue also has lanes of this type and, even though it sees less traffic, still has cyclists getting doored. My advice to fellow riders is to be aware of this problem in general and to be more cautious when riding on Laurel Street, Mountain Avenue or any other streets that use this ill-conceived design. To motorists, please look before opening your door – two seconds can save someone's life. Cyclists are a part of traffic and one should not be afraid to take the entire lane, if necessary, to avoid a dangerous situation. We don't seek to inconvenience drivers, but safety trumps convenience any day. Getting doored can, and has, resulted in numerous deaths in cities all over the country. Be safe out there.

George Castillo


electrical engineering

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