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Homophobia is an unrealistic fear of someone who is homosexual. The banning of gay marriage does not have anything to do with fear of a group of people. However, it does have to do with the obedience to set standards. In the letter the author stated, "Right and wrong are such subjective terms." I believe right and wrong came from a Creator who established not only the physical laws of the universe, but also the laws for mankind. In the book of Genesis, it is stated that God created man and woman for each other. This is re-stated in the book of Matthew, thus, it is consistent throughout the Bible, making it God's standard for marriage. Though homosexuality may have a biological basis, and the desire is not wrong, the Creator of each one of us clearly states that acting on it is wrong. Even for the heterosexual population, God states that acting on one's desires outside marriage is wrong. Therefore, my belief and God's word on gay marriage versus homophobia are as follows: God would say that acts of violence and a feeling of hatred against people who are homosexual are wrong. However, he would also say that none of us, whether homosexual or heterosexual, are above any of His standards.

Katie Sutherland


human development and family studies/pre-med

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