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Gay people should not be allowed to marry for several important reasons. The ancestry of gays can be traced directly back to Attila the Hun, and 99 percent of gays have been molested by their paternal grandmothers. Both of these make gays supremely unfit as possible parents.

Gays frequent coffee shops, classrooms and are often spotted on the job. So you may ask, how can I protect myself from this hidden menace? There are many ways to tell if you have encountered a gay. Gays cannot see their reflections in mirrors and are repelled by garlic. In his book "How to Climb a Ladder Without Gays Checking You Out Surreptitiously," John Doe states that gays breathe large amounts of valuable oxygen each year and emit greenhouse gases which account for nearly 15 percent of Denver's brown cloud.

If you are going to print unsubstantiated trash as fact, your journalistic credibility and integrity suffer. Though people are entitled to their opinions, when statistics that are clearly false are presented as factual, you are fostering ignorance and hate instead of promoting education. Paul Cameron, the author of the book cited in yesterday's letter has not had a license as a psychologist since 1995.

In a biography of the author on the UC Davis psychology page (http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/rainbow/html/facts_cameron.html), it states that his research has been called into question by mainstream science: "Six serious errors are identified in the Cameron group's sampling techniques, survey methodology and interpretation of results. The presence of even one of these errors would be sufficient to cast serious doubts on the legitimacy of any study's results." We believe in the interest of an open dialogue it is important to print and discuss all sides of an issue, but it is irresponsible to include false statistics that can be so potentially damaging to people's lives.

Amy Englert


biological science


Sadie Hunsinger


human development and family studies

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