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Authors: Melissa Edwards

Several rooms on the east side of the Lory Student Center were damaged early Sunday morning when a pipe burst in room 214 on the upper level.

Two meeting rooms and a corridor in the upper level suffered extensive damage to the carpet and drywall. On the main level, the Software Cellar and the east atrium meeting room also have carpet and wall damage, in addition to damage on the ceiling tiles, said Tamene Abebe, director of operations for the LSC.

"The pipe burst because of the cold weather on Friday, Saturday and Sunday," he said. "No one could've prevented it."

Abebe also said there were no flaws in the construction; the burst was purely a result of changing temperatures.

Adam Fedrid, manager of the Software Cellar, said in addition to wall, carpet and ceiling damage, the computer store suffered about $1,000 of product loss, including printers and cartridges.

"Profit loss was kept to a minimum," he said.

Because the Software Cellar was closed Monday and Tuesday due to the pipe burst, the store has lost business, but employees are still working, Fedrid said.

"We prevented the burst from spreading," he said. "We've been sucking up the water with vacuums, Shop-vacs and mops."

In spite of the damage, however, Fedrid said students can look forward to a new image in the Software Cellar, complete with new carpeting, walls and glass cases.

Abebe said total damages are approximately $30,000, but will be covered by the LSC insurance through the university.

The pipe burst occurred within the wall unit located on the east side of meeting room 214.

"Because it is on the outside wall, it is easier to experience a lot of cold air and cold temperatures," Abebe said.

The Software Cellar is open for business today, but the meeting rooms will not be accessible until the damages are fixed.

"We will do whatever it takes to relocate the meetings," Abebe said.

Though the upstairs meeting rooms were flooded, Asian Pacific Student Services and Native American Student Services, two advocacy offices also located upstairs, were not damaged.

The cold weather also caused a pipe to burst in Summit Hall on Saturday.


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