State should ban smoking

Feb 202006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The debate is old. Smokers believe they have the right to smoke. Non-smokers believe they have the right to breathe in smoke-free environments. What's new is that on Feb. 13 the Colorado House of Representatives passed a bill that would ban smoking in all indoor areas in Colorado. The bill is now up for debate in the Senate.

There is already a smoking ban in Fort Collins, causing local businesses-owners to complain about lost revenue resulting from smokers crossing city limits to patronize establishments that allow smoking.

Opponents to the ban say that individual establishments should be allowed to decide if they want to permit smoking or not. That argument aside, if there is going to be a ban at all, it should be implemented across the state.

A statewide ban would level the playing field when it comes to competition between local bars and restaurants.

An alternative to the ban would be complete segregation.

Johnson's Corner, a truck stop south of Fort Collins on I-25, caters to smokers and non-smokers alike by having a separate room for smoking. Customers and employees can choose which section they want to be in. Smokers can smoke, non-smokers don't have to be exposed and Johnson's Corner keeps all of their customers.

It is fair to make smokers go to a separate area to light up. It's a matter of manners. An activity that may be disturbing to those around you should be done in a separate area. Just like someone talking on a cell phone during a movie, cigarette smoke can annoy those trying to eat dinner or have a drink with friends.

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