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Feb 202006

Two of my classes are having RIDICULOUS fights on WebCT and they are pretty hilarious… Person one: "Get all of your lazy asses to class and take your own notes!!!"

Person two: "What happens if you need notes one day and need our help?" Person 3: "Things happen b*!#h!!!!! Don't ask any of us for notes ever!!!!" Check WebCT to see how the drama unfolds…

To all of you that use RamRide or in the future might use it, might I suggest programming the number (970) 491-3333 in your telephone that way I am not awakened several times a night by wrong numbers.

What the hell?!? We have school on President's Day??

So…I was walking to the car drop off by Eddy the other day and witnessed a fatty squirrel munching on an entire peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I'm talking Jiffy brand, wheat bread and oozing, chunky grape jelly. Needless to say, I was more than a little disappointed when I realized I was the only person who sat and watched the entire event unfold. Am I the only person who finds this a little strange and slightly miraculous?

I would have to say walking is by far the best form of transportation on campus. You just have to know how to have fun with it. For example, oftentimes I run to crosswalks to make the cars stop for me and then slow down and see how mad they get…cause we all know pedestrians always have the right of way.

To the girl who slipped on the ice by the lagoon: I'm glad I helped you feel like less of a moron. That was brilliant save, great reflexes. By the way your, "it's icy" comment was super funny.

Does anyone know if the goldfish froze?

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