Column promotes stereotypes

Feb 202006

I'm writing in response to Jeff Lemke's guest column on gay marriage. In my opinion, the article was based on sloppy and vague evidence and only helped to promote misunderstandings about the gay community.

I happen to be straight, but I have gay friends, and I embrace their freedom of sexuality. I'm not taking a stand on gay marriage, but I don't appreciate that this article was full simply of slanderous stereotypes.

In our current day and age of freedom of religion, I don't feel Christianity should have any part in the decision about gay marriage. I also feel you would be hard-pressed to find gay persons more promiscuous than many college-aged heterosexual individuals. Nor is every member of a heterosexual couple true to their significant other. Frankly, I find any statistic that claims the life expectancy of a homosexual person being less than that of a heterosexual to be downright laughable. Lastly, I'm sure several gay couples would be offended to discover that Chuck Colson (whoever that is) considers their love for each other to be a "perversion."

I don't know how the debate about gay marriage will end; I'm just hoping that it can be carried out in a professional manner without attaching labels and stereotypes to members of our community.

Robyn Bortner

program aide

Housing and Dining Services

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