Feb 202006

Jeff Lemke's article raises many concerns and not only for the homosexual community that he vehemently attacks. The entire article can be disregarded due to the fact the he only used Christian fellowship sources.

The Family Research Council is a foundation that promotes the Judeo-Christian world-view. "Getting It Straight" is written not by medical doctors who would have knowledge of medical ailments of homosexuals, or sociologists or psychologists who could be experts of domestic problems of homosexuals, but by two men who have degrees in the Bible and theology. The quoted Dr. Paul Cameron, the American Sociological Association, adopted a resolution that asserted he had "consistently misinterpreted and misrepresented sociological research on sexuality, homosexuality and lesbianism." The referenced Chuck Colson runs a Christian prison fellowship. That does not seem to qualify him as an expert on sexual abuse and its affects on children.

The referenced studies in the article claim a child needs a mother and a father. Lemke fails to acknowledge the growing number of single parent households, due to the ever-growing number of heterosexual divorces. Lemke chooses to ignore the fact that sexually transmitted diseases, promiscuity, abuse and social problems of homosexuals are the same for heterosexuals. For someone whose title involves research, one would expect Lemke to do more research before writing a column peppered with false facts and sources that are far from credible. One can only hope Lemke's work involving the atmosphere is better researched.

Sabrina Sanderson


political science

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