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Feb 192006

To the guy in my Gender In the Economy class…you go to CSU. You seem unaware of this because you wear something from CU everyday, either a baseball cap, hoodie or even a beanie. Hopefully you'll get your acceptance letter soon so your apparel won't go to waste.

I think I am going to start snowboarding so I can be cool like the kids who walk around campus sagging their pants in 9-degree weather with nothing covering their derriere but boxers.

You know those people that hang outside Clark A, yeah you know who you are. We call you Clark A'ers. I was thinking of making a t-shirt that said, "I hang outside Clark A." Not being rude, I just honestly think it would be funny and want to know if there is a market for it.

Guns don't hurt people, vice presidents do.

Sliding my way to class on my bike yesterday I was feeling pretty sorry for myself – until I saw a man riding to class (through the snow) on a unicycle!!!

For those of you who like to talk on your cell phones in the library – the "Quiet Area" signs aren't there for decoration.

"They really need to turn the air conditioning off in the winter. Then I wouldn't have to take a shot of whiskey before my class to stay warm." – Overheard in Clark A.

There is too much hate going on. One, why spend time and energy hating someone, do something constructive. Two, if only ignorance was a crime. Three, calm down, the world will still be spinning tomorrow.

To the biker who felt like riding against traffic and ended up playing a game of chicken with me – next time there won't be a cop sitting there. So next time I won't swerve to miss you.

I don't know about anyone else but when it's freezing outside I don't appreciate being blasted with cold air as I enter and exit the library.

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