Feb 192006
Authors: Vimal Patel

The recent incidents that occurred in Morgan Library – a man allegedly ejaculated and another man was arrested with a syringe sticking out of his arm – are inevitable in heavy-traffic complexes that are open to the public, said George Jaramillo, assistant dean of the building.

"When you have a public building as large as ours and as active as ours these sort of problems crop up," he said in a pre-recorded interview Sunday on the 90.5 KCSU program "Two Chicks and Nick"

"We feel that the current security system works," he said.

On Jan. 26, police drew a gun on a man in the library with a hypodermic needle sticking out of his arm, records state. Police say the man admitted he was a heroin addict.

On Jan. 27, a man allegedly ejaculated onto a keyboard, computer screen and chair in Room 165.

Police caught up with the suspect while they were investigating another report of masturbation in the library basement on Jan. 30.

The back-to-back incidents involved Fort Collins residents who do not attend CSU and have forced some to question the safety of the library.

"This is a pretty big situation," said Jimsey Brown, a Fort Collins resident. "Students shouldn't have to worry about people masturbating and shooting up in the library."

But in his five years working at Morgan Library, these two incidents are the most serious he's heard about, Jaramillo said earlier this month.

About 15,000 students and community members use the library daily, he added.

Some students said the recent events won't affect the way they use the library.

"It wasn't like (the two suspects) were actually coming up to other people and harassing them," said Clare Buttry, a senior Spanish and Latin American studies double major. "I don't really feel unsafe."

Matt Hart, a junior biological sciences major, said he has encountered pornography in the library – when he saved documents and when he witnessed other people viewing it – but that it's not a big deal.

"I just walk away from it," he said. "I don't think it's anything for me to worry about."

Nick Armstrong, who conducted the interview for KCSU, said he was disappointed Jaramillo didn't advocate any new security measures.

"There's a lot more going on in the library than what gets reported in the media," he said. "I have an acquaintance who's had sex in every one of those bathrooms."

One possible security measure would be installing more cameras in the library, Armstrong said.

"We need them to think long and hard about what their responsibility is and what their response should be rather than saying, 'No we don't need to change anything,'" he said.

Currently, Jaramillo said, the library has about six security cameras in areas including the entrance and back doors. He added that no plans exist for more cameras.

CSU Police Department also patrols the building at night.

"Two Chicks and Nick," which stars Armstrong, a senior business administration major, along with Shannon Menk and Keri Owen, both speech communication majors, airs live 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Sundays.

"I don't think my safety is at risk," Owen said. "I just think it's ridiculous that people are doing that in the library."

Jaramillo said there are actions students and community members can take to remain safe while using the library.

"Be cautious to stay away from corners or from rooms that are far away from the main flow," he said. "During the day that doesn't seem to be much of an issue because we have a lot of students in here. But as students leave the building, you shouldn't be in areas that are hidden or in the corner."

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