Gays marry for love

Feb 192006

In response to Thursday's "Gays marriage" editorial: First, homosexual couples' inability to procreate is not a sign their relationship is unnatural. If that was the case, you would also have to conclude that sterile and infertile individuals also should not be in relationships, since they cannot procreate.

Second, as a gay Christian, I would have to disagree with the statement that God opposes gay marriage. I have had this debate many times in the six years I've been out, and never once have I lost. The vast majority of people who believe that are simply uneducated, and although I don't have room to discuss all those issues, I am always available for people to talk to if anyone would like to discuss that issue further.

Third, it is not true homosexuals are more promiscuous than heterosexuals. I have many homosexual friends who are virgins in their late twenties because they are waiting for that special someone, just as I have heterosexual friends who are doing the same thing. I have not been in a long- term relationship in three years, and therefore have not had sexual relations in three years because I do not believe in doing anything sexually intimate outside of a meaningful relationship. Those behaviors cannot be seen as promiscuous.

Currently when a homosexual marriage takes place, it does for only one reason, love. Because homosexual marriages are not legally recognized, there is no incentive for marriage except for two people to express their love for each other.

Robert Steele


accounting major

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