Don’t blame the victim

Feb 162006

After reading Ryan Chapman's column on Wednesday, I had only one thing on my mind: It was not the victim of the assault who is "conditioned" by society, it is the author of this article.

He mentions that children are taught that it is wrong to hit a woman. Of course this is true, it is wrong to hit anyone, but that is beside the point.

This principle is used as a way of justifying the "victim blaming." This is totally wrong. If anything, this takes the point and reverses it. This is not a reason for women to falsely accuse men of gender violence.

Most of the time, gender violence, especially toward women, goes unreported and the perpetrator is left to walk free.

It is because of excuse-makers like Mr. Chapman that so many women do not report these crimes. Why would anyone believe them if every time they report it, people go writing in the newspapers blaming the victims and vouching for the innocence of the accused?

Shane Schlager



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