Consider the victims

Feb 162006

I'd like to clear a few things up for Ryan Chapman, since it is obvious to me that his Wednesday column is lacking a few vital statistics.

Mr. Chapman discussed that in a college town, rape is ever present and sometimes they get away with it. Had Mr. Chapman checked with the Department of Justice, he may have found that only about 40 percent of rapes are even reported to the police, so in actuality, many more than half of all rapists will get away with it.

Standing behind one's friends is important. It is evident from the article that Mr. Chapman is very conscious of how this event has and will affect his friend. But he has not taken the time to consider what effect this will have on his friend's ex-girlfriend: the victim.

Mr. Chapman mentions that he wants to know how it will reflect on the university if his friend is found to be not guilty of assault and domestic violence, but he makes no mention of what affect his slanderous article will have on the alleged victim if the allegations are found to be true, or for that matter, any victim of domestic violence. If anybody wonders why so many cases of violence against women go unreported, all they have to do is read Mr. Chapman's article that claims women are conditioned to falsely accuse men of violence and they will have their answer. I hope Mr. Chapman reads this and takes time to reconsider publishing such un-researched nonsense.

Noel Hennessey


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