Chapman out of line

Feb 162006

As a male student, I am ashamed to call myself a man after Mr. Chapman made comments like the ones in his article. We fail to acknowledge that many men have definitions of sexual assault that are not what sexual assault really is.

Any sexual act that a woman does not consent to (a woman can not consent while under the influence of alcohol) is sexual assault.

So next time, Mr. Chapman please think about how much courage it takes for a woman to confront a man when she knows there will be much embarrassment for saying anything. Women don't want attention in this kind of light; sexual assault is not their fault.

In fact, based off FBI crime reports, only two percent of sexual assaults are false accusations. You blame her for all this, but think of blaming your friend. He was detained for 39 hours. The police wouldn't do this if probable cause was not found!

If all we do is blame the victim, how can we as a society ever end the violence that occurs far too often to women today? Sexual assault is not a problem for women to address; it's our problem, as men to do something about it since we are the ones doing these heinous crimes. Please be a part of the solution instead of playing into your gender stereotype of degrading women to objects of your sexual desires and accusing them for things we have done wrong.


Kevin Frasure



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