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Feb 152006

So answer this question. Who would make a better "all in a bar joke," CSU President Penley, Luke Wilson and Van Gogh or Sir Isaac Newton, Eli Whitney and Chelsea Clinton? Or Che Guevara, Henry Ford and Michael Eisner?

To the non-hunter…first of all, PETA has never done a study like that and second, shut up!!!

The look of disgust on this girl's face as I spit into the grass today on my way to class made me realize how satisfying it can be to show a complete lack of socially acceptable behavior from time to time.

Chuck Norris was once defeated by pirates. This is a rumor started by Chuck Norris to lure in more pirates.

In response to the person who said cyclists have the last laugh. Sure riding your bike around campus is fast and can even be fun. That is until you get run over by a CSU utilities truck, then you might be singing a different tune. I know this from experience.

Does anyone else not care about the goldfish in the Lagoon? Why is that even an issue big enough to write about in a newspaper.

Umm… I guess I do not have enough time to find a foreign girlfriend. Maybe I should go find a U.S. girl to be my date for tonight. You know they are so beautiful and nice.

To the guy who saw me almost eat it on the ice Wednesday morning while walking near the lagoon – your sexy, cute chuckle and smile made me feel a lot less like a moron as I mumbled the obvious, "Its icy!" Thanks, you're a stud.

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