Meter maids out of control

Feb 152006

Two weeks ago I got a parking ticket. I was a little surprised considering that I have a parking pass and was parked in the proper lot. I soon found the ticket was actually for "stall bound," meaning I had parked outside the designated space.

Of this I suppose I am guilty: my tire was about one inch over the line. Yeah, I'll admit my parking job was sub-par, but what am I supposed to do when the car in the next space is right on the line as well? I would have happily appealed this charge, but it turns out that if I failed, I would've been charged an additional $10 to the previous $17. Plus, you can't challenge specific policy, and it appears it is CSU's policy to ticket people who are one inch over the line, even when it's caused by people who parked poorly before you.

Andrew Nicewicz


Political science

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